Profile: Michele Linn

Michele Linn Michele2
Royal Oak, MI

Michele Linn is a freelance marketing writer specializing in compelling white papers that generate leads, build brand awareness, and position organizations as experts. She also writes research reports, feature articles, case studies, and other B2B communications.

Before starting her business, Michele worked in the software industry for over ten years, first as a technical writer and then as a marketing manager. During this time, she crafted product strategy, wrote content and executed marketing programs targeted at Fortune 1000 companies. More importantly, she learned how marketing managers think and what they need. Her business is now devoted to making the job of B2B marketers easier by producing effective content and providing insights on how they can market it. Creating buyer-focused content is her passion.

In addition to her corporate experience, Michele has a BA focused in English and technical communications and an MBA in marketing.

Want to learn how to create B2B marketing communications that specifically address your ideal buyer? Contact Michele for a free consultation.


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