Savvy Week in Review: February 3

Savvy Week in Review: February 3
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Feb 04, 2011 @ 06:38AM
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Savvy Week in ReviewWith much of the country buried under feet of snow and suffering from chronic school cancellations, many of us are headed for the winter doldrums. It shouldn't come as any surprise - it is February after all.

Still, despite the inclement weather and long string of unexpected snow days, our friends and colleagues in the B2B marketing world are still managing to rise above it all and produce some stellar blog posts.

So, forget that there's yet another storm bearing down on you. Go ahead and shirk your shoveling duties. Whip up a nice hot cup of cocoa, and enjoy our picks of the week. There's something for everyone, and - we promise! - no snow.

The Savvy Sister

6 Search Operators I'd Be Lost Without - by @lisabarone

Handy-dandy list of 6 search operators that will help you narrow in on exactly what you're looking for. These are handy for recon, research, and even a little remedial SEO.

Content Curation Tools: How to Pick the Right Venue - by @HiveFire

Content curation, a supporting player to content marketing, is stepping up into the limelight these days. Many marketers are already curating content (like this post, or your RT's on Twitter) without even realizing it. This post provides a detailed overview of a few tools (from widgets to microsites) and provides Pros and Cons for each.

Show Don't Tell - by @dmscott

It's the mantra of every writer - show, don't tell. In this post, David Meerman Scott shares an Intel video ad  that nails the "show" so well that Intel doesn't have to say a word about what it can do. 

Secrets of Freemium Pricing - Make the Cheapskates Pay - by Andy Singleton via @dharmesh

Based on a presentation Singleton gave at Barcamp Boston, this in-depth post covers a lot of pricing territory and answers some of the most frequently asked questions based on real-life experience.

When a Blog is More than Just a Blog by @ardath421
Finding it hard to justify the time required to keep a blog going? Ardath Albee shares five ways
you can use your blog content to fuel marketing programs.

Best Content Marketing Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2010 by @TomPick
A terrific roundup of resources for anyone investing in content marketing.

How to Sell the Value of Content Marketing by @amandamaksymiw via @OpenViewVenture
Trying to convince the skeptics in your organization to embrace content marketing? Amanda sets you up to make a winning case for its value.

How to Test Your Value Proposition Using a PPC Ad by @MktgExperiments
Austin McCraw of MarketingExperiments explains why a PPC ad can provide invaluable in identifying and crafting an effective value proposition -- and shows how to go about performing a test.


Comments: 13


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