Savvy Speaks: Creating a Strong Brand

Savvy Speaks: Creating a Strong Brand
Savvy Sisters - Wed Mar 02, 2011 @ 09:00AM
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We've all seen examples of great brands - those are the ones you remember. But what about the rest? Here the Savvy Sisters share their top tips for creating an unforgettable brand.



Inject Personality
Many B2B brands miss a huge opportunity when they opt to walk the straight and narrow. B2B doesn't have to be boring. Although the sale is business-to-business, the connection and the relationship is still person-to-person. Give your prospects and customers a brand identity they can sink their teeth into. You know you have to inform and educate. You get that you have to project expertise and inspire trust. But don't be afraid to also be human - have some fun. If you can make the prospect laugh, you've laid the foundation for a relationship that's overflowing with potential. Talk to people like a person, not a brand. Personality brings life to a brand - making it easy to relate to and remember ... two things that are critical when creating a Great Brand.

Wendy Thomas


Get Creative
Enough with the boring, reliable brands. Sure they're safe, safe, safe but they are also utterly forgettable. Ho hum, let's  move onto the next. 

A brand should make people think. It should combine at least two items or themes in a way that creates something new and exciting. It should make people pause to say "I hadn't thought of it that way before." In the world of writing, Stephanie Meyers did this with teenagers and vampires (and just in case you were bored with that she also threw in werewolves). Like it or not, the Twilight brand hit the jackpot by twisting things up and creating a new, compelling and unique combination.   



Respect Loyalty and History
I have worked with many B2B companies who through merger, acquisition and have been "rebranded" about a dozen times.  You see it in people's LinkedIn profiles.  They look like they have worked for 5 different companies for 1 year each but really they were just the various names the single company held over that period.  I think what companies fail to realize with each of those rebranding undertakings is that they throw away a bit of their connection to the customer who connected with them under the old name.  They give up their brand identity and connection. I think rebranding is too often the easy way to say "we have changed" when the more thoughtful way would be to actually demonstate the change through thought leadership and innovation.



Deliver on Your Promise
Your brand ideally triggers an emotional response with your prospects, customers, partners, and others you're trying to connect with. As such, it needs to convey something memorable. And your company should be able to make good on that "promise" so it can convert prospects to loyal customers (and hopefully, brand advocates). In fact, the role of brand in the purchase decision is one of the three criteria for making it onto Interbrand's annual list of Best Global Brands. The last thing you want to do is confuse your prospective market with different looks, tones, and messages, leaving people wondering what your company stands for and why they should buy from you.



Don't make the mistake of forgetting to develop a brand image at all. Too many companies go with the ever-present, vanilla, uber-business-speak "brand" and end up fading into the background.

But don't make the mistake of whipping up a brand image from thin air, either. Creating a strong brand starts with the basics. Who are your customers? How do they talk? Where do they go for information? Why do they need your product? What's likely to push them from consideration to purchase?

When you truly know your customers, you'll be able to develop your brand with confidence!

What are your best strategies for creating brands that sizzle?

Let us know!

Comments: 63


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