Savvy Speaks: Where Do You Find Marketing Trends?

Savvy Speaks: Where Do You Find Marketing Trends?
Savvy Sisters - Wed Feb 23, 2011 @ 09:00AM
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Part of being a savvy marketer is keeping up with the latest trends. This week the Savvy Sisters share their favorite hot spots for marketing trends and stats.

Wendy Thomas


As a writer, one of the ways I find marketing trends is at the bookstore. Every time I go (and yes, I go far, far, too often) I pay attention to which books are getting the most shelf-space, the ones that are placed up front and center.


A display of a certain book or collection of books will always get my attention, if the publishers are willing to spend that kind of money on promotion you can bet they think they've hit a nerve that has staying power. As an example paranormal romance in Young Adult (Twilight) is hot, hot, hot. For a YA writer to not be aware of that would show that you are behind the times, horribly naive and yes, perhaps not even publishable. It doesn't mean that you have to write to the trends – there will always be outstanding pieces that fall outside the boundaries but if you want to get something published either as a book or an article – it would be well worth your time to figure out which topics are currently being pushed in the publishing industry.  



I am very lucky to have a wonderful local community of Marketing professionals that I am connected too.  The Kansas City Freelance Exchange has given me numerous personal contacts as well as a monthly luncheon to attend and be enlightened.  I find as a freelancer it is important to unplug and meet up or attend conferences with respected collegues a few times a month.  Part of the reason I love posting the Savvy Toolkit every Tuesday is that it forces me to always be looking for new "work smarter not harder" trends.  I read a lot of blogs and resources to find those nuggets of wisdom that appear here every Tuesday.


Stephanie, MarketingProfs, MarketingSherpa, Marketing Experiments, SiriusDecisions, Bulldog Solutions, and Enquiro top my list for general marketing trends and stats. When it comes to technology marketing, ITSMA, TechTarget, UMB TechWeb, and Eccolo Media churn out terrific research.



I keep up with marketing trends using Google alerts and watching what my colleagues are up to on their Twitter, Linked In and Facebook feeds, as well as reading blog posts by marketers I admire.

Just being involved with this blog helps me keep up with marketing trends by hearing and reading about what my Savvy Sisters are into!



I'm a social media junkie, so I do most of my research and "keeping up" on blogs and Twitter. Though I scan the "official" sources, (Stephanie listed many of the best) I'm much more apt to fully absorb new ideas when I can read about them on the blogs of my peers. It's great to have the layer of editorial interpretation on top of the stats and data, and I love the added dimension of conversation that develops in the comments section. Some of my faves include Mark W. Schaefer's {grow}, Trey Pennington, the fabulous team at MLT Creative, the spunky team at Outspoken Media, and so many more. (If you knew how many blogs I subscribe to, you'd probably faint.) When it comes to learning, my advice is always "find the teacher that's right for you." For me, that means finding voices I can relate to and conversations I can join.


Where do you get your tips on trends?

Share in the comments section!

Comments: 19


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