Savvy Week in Review - July 17

Savvy Week in Review - July 17
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Jul 17, 2009 @ 02:35AM
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The week seems to have flown by, but that didn't stop folks from producing thought-provoking, insightful posts, articles, and videos. We've gathered a few of the ones that caught our attention. Enjoy!

How old-school data capture is poisoning marketing and what to do about it - by @CKochster
Chris Koch dares us to rethink how and if we should gather information from prospects.

How well do you know your buyer personas? - by @dmscott
David Meerman Scott outlines the importance of developing buyer personas and shares examples from Kadient, a company that offers an SaaS application.

Avoid the Traps that Sap B2B Online Marketing Performance - by @B2BOnlineMktg
This post from thoroughly explores the main traps that keep B2B marketers from truly optimizing online marketing performance.

B2B Prospects in Funnels more than Pipelines - by @ardath421
Once again, Ardath Albee delivers the goods in a post that explains why the rules of engagement have changed and how marketers can enable sales now that the buyer is in control.

Interactive Profiling: Time to Hang Up Those Surveys Boys - by @BlakeHinckley
Blake Hinckley continues to apply impressive brainpower to one of the most pressing problems facing today's B2B marketers: getting prospects to provide honest information about themselves.

10 Reasons Why You Won't Do Content Marketing (and continue doing the same thing) - by @juntajoe
Joe Pulizzi lays out a top 10 list that you DON'T want to be on.

Use Outbound Marketing to Target these 5 Buyer Types - by @robertlesser
Social media and inbound marketing is all the rage in B2B, so I appreciated this post about why we can't forget "old school" methods for certain type of prospects.

6 Business Lessons Learned from Our @agencypja Twitter Feed - by @agencypja
A great read for anyone who is helping to manage--or who is considering starting--a corporate Twitter account.

Use Twitter to Blow My Mind - by @sernovitz
In a quick video interview. a PF Chang's employee shares how that restaurant is blowing customers' minds with the power of Twitter. Think about how you could do the same for your B2B customers.

6 Lessons from the Best Marketing Campaign Ever - by @rohitbhargava
Rohit breaks down the driving components behind the campaign to find a "caretaker" for Hamilton Island in Australia and explores how those ideas can work for different businesses.

7 Sensible Strides Toward a Stronger Community - by @ambercadabra
Thinking of creating a community, or even just engaging one? Check out Amber Naslund's in-depth outline of how to do it right.

Hype vs. Excitement - Expanded - by @benmcconnell
Read this quick post and make sure your marketing materials fall into the right category.

Social Media Case Study - Twitter Alights at RSA Conference - by @Tdefren
How the attendees of the biggest IT security conference in the world used Twitter to connect before, during, and after the event.

Comments: 9


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