Savvy Week in Review: May 6

Savvy Week in Review: May 6
Savvy Sisters - Fri May 06, 2011 @ 07:00AM
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They say April showers bring May flowers. They've also brought a slew of inspiring posts! We're sharing the cream of the crop with Savvy Week in Reviewyou here. Feel free to add to the bounty by sharing your suggestions in the comments. Happy reading (and spring)! 


The Savvy Sister

How to Establish a B2B Social Media Benchmarking Plan by @DerekEdmond
Derek Edmond of KoMarketing Associates shares practical suggestions for measuring the effectiveness of your social media activities.

A look at some of the newcomers in the social media monitoring/management world.

Marketing Attribution: Who Gets Credit For Marketing ROI? by @BrennerMichael
Michael Brenner tackles the complex -- and sometimes touchy -- issue of how to determine marketing's contribution to revenues.

How Do You Really Build a Blog Community - A Love Story by @markwschaefer
Congratulations to Savvy friend Mark Schaefer for his 500th post on {grow}. If you'd like some down-to-earth advice on how to create a vibrant community around your blog, this dude's got the lowdown.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Email Campaign by @HJSewell
Please read this. Honestly - these mistakes can seriously hurt the effectiveness of your Email campaigns and they are so easy to fix!

B2B Buyers Research Like Rabbits. Is Your Content Keeping Pace? by @B2BLaunchPad
8 tips for staying on top of the ever-changing scene so that you are relevant. You want to be relevant, right?

How to Royally Lose $120,000 in Social Media - by @LisaBarone
This is a B2C case study, but its lessons apply to B2B, too.

Content Curation from Source to Influence in Five Steps - by @acSellerant
Bob Leonard walks marketers though the basics of curation.

SEO Checklist for Local Small Business Websites - by @sugarrae
This post is basic but essential if you are developing your website.

Social Media Policies: Let's Talk About What Your Should Do - by @gigaom
Thinking about developing a social media policy? Matthew Ingram provides tips on what you should do.


Comments: 11


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