Savvy Week in Review - August 14

Savvy Week in Review - August 14
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Aug 14, 2009 @ 02:20AM
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Another week gone by, just like that. In case you didn't have enough blog reading time in your schedule, here's a recap of what caught our collective eye over the past seven days.

Enjoy and may the last few weeks of summer be the best!

The Savvy Sisters


The Difference Between Drip Marketing and Closed Loop Marketing
- by @Marketo
The folks at Marketo spell out the different approaches to nurturing prospects.

What We All Really Want is ATTENTION - by @dmscott
David Meerman Scott describes the four ways companies generate attention -- and why every company needs to employ all of them.

You're Asking for Too Much Information - by @Ckochster
Chris Koch of ITSMA dares marketers to be true renegades when it comes to the ol' registration form.

Marketing on the Outbound - by @robertlesser
While inbound marketing seems to be all the rage, this post highlights four key benefits of outbound marketing.

Want Better Digital Strategy, Ban Seven Dirty Words - by @MattDickman
When strategic planning, it can be tempting to start thinking about tactics. Agree to not use these seven words to keep you on track.

Recycle a Blog Post Day: Most Brilliant Outdoor Campaign Ever! - by @drewmclellan
I loved this simple yet ingenious marketing campaign shown in this blog post.

Are You Creating Necessary Content? - by @juntajoe
Another great reminder to create content that is not focused on your product and services, but rather that which is focused on helping your customers.

Vampire Colleagues Who Suck - by @jonkranz
Do you feel like you constantly have to justify your marketing efforts to colleagues from sales, HR, finance, and IT? Watch this fun, three-minute video for a good laugh AND some solid advice on how to counter their crap. ^jw

How NOT to Write an eBook
- by @jonkranz
Following on the heels of his valuable eBook eBook, Jonathan dishes up five "Don'ts" that should be avoided like the plague. Take note! ^jw

SEO is Not Really That Complicated
- by @ducttape
I don't usually go for blog posts that promote any one service or product, but I trust John Jantsch's opinion. This post outlines a few basic tenets of good SEO practices and gives a little info on a service called LotusJump that helps to "increase their backlinks naturally and systematically for a fairly low cost." ^jw

Design Your Site to Meet Your Customers' Needs
- by @beheard14
Denise Hearden of Johnson Direct shares eight great tips for designing a site that serves your customers ... and not one of them has to do with graphics or flash. ^jw (PS - I know this is from January, but I found it through a current post, AND it's seriously evergreen stuff.)


Comments: 12


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