Fix the Top 3 B2B Website Copywriting Mistakes to Turn Your Site into a Lead Generating Machine

Fix the Top 3 B2B Website Copywriting Mistakes to Turn Your Site into a Lead Generating Machine
Kate Headen Waddell - Thu Aug 18, 2011 @ 05:17AM
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WebsiteHelp.jpgYou want your website to drive leads and sales, but for some reason it’s not doing either. It looks really pretty and everyone in the office thinks it’s great. So what’s going on? Some of the worst websites are created out of love; they are a classic example of being too close to the subject matter. The following are the 3 biggest web flubs and what you can do to whip your web into lead-generating shape.

1. Not stating what you do

OK, so if you’re Microsoft, Apple, or HP you probably can skip this one. But if you haven’t built that level of brand recognition, you need to state what you do very clearly, front and center, on the home page. Don’t make your visitor dig through every single product and service page to try to piece it together on his own. He won’t bother.

To craft your statement, use this formula:

(Company name) (makes/provides) (products/solutions) (that deliver) (concrete benefits)

For example:

“Widget Wizard makes high-tensile steel widgets that perform under pressure so you spend less time replacing widgets and more time producing products.”   

2. TMI

Not good for cocktail parties, not good for B2B websites. A page chock full of dense text is a real turn-off to a web reader.  Concise information broken into short paragraphs with sub-heads and bulleted lists is ideal. If you have a lot of technical details and documentation, put it in a white paper, solution brief or case study – and link out to it from the web page.

3. No call to action

What do you (realistically) want your prospect to do when they visit your website? This is important, so don’t just say “pick up the phone and make a huge order – of course!” Do you want them to schedule a live demo? Download a white paper? Sign up for your newsletter? Give your prospects just enough information to get them to the next step, then make it REALLY EASY for them to take it. A large, eye-catching button with a message that says “Click here for…..” is great at converting visitors to leads.

What do YOU think are the biggest website mistakes?

Are the worst website mistakes usually related to design or copy?

About the author: Kate Headen Waddell is a strategic copywriter specializing in web copy, white papers, case studies, blogging and other B2B marketing tools. You can visit her website at



Comments: 13


1. Kate Headen Waddell  |  my website   |   Wed Aug 24, 2011 @ 04:53AM

Yay! We made the B2B Marketing Zone list of the top B2B marketing articles for the week of August 13th - check out the others at:

2. Judith  |  my website   |   Sat Sep 24, 2011 @ 02:03AM

Congratulations Kate! :)
This is a great article. Websites that make me want to hit the back button are ones that are too busy - either with too many links, or way too much graphics. If finding specific information is such a chore then I move on to another site.

3. Kate Headen Waddell  |  my website   |   Tue Oct 04, 2011 @ 05:36AM

Thanks for sharing Judith - that is a great point. Clean and simple design is the way to go.

4. rina  |  my website   |   Wed Apr 09, 2014 @ 03:32AM

That's right! You have to state what you do very clearly or else people will lose interest right away and go on another page. Don't make people have to search for what it is you do, cause they won't.
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