Savvy Speaks: Inspirational Marketing Campaigns

Savvy Speaks: Inspirational Marketing Campaigns
Savvy Sisters - Wed Sep 07, 2011 @ 05:52AM
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As creative communicators, we naturally draw inspiration from a variety of sources. Sometimes it's a marketing campaign from a totally different industry that gives us a little creative burst. This week the Savvy Sisters share what they think are the most creative - and inspiring - marketing campaigns in recent memory.


Clear, concise and creative

I can't resist a clever turn of phrase. One of my favorites is "All kinds of dirty. One kind of clean." (CLR cleaning products) It manages to capture the exact message they want to get across, while using a modern, unusual expression (like "I am all kinds of ____ right now") that can also be easily understood by anyone who maybe hasn't heard that particular colloquialism.

Boring as a bathroom cleaner is, this tagline has always stood out to me.

It's succint, meaningful, captures the value prop and captures your attention at the same time. What wouldn't your B2B clients love about that?


Just Do It


The all time inspirational campaign in my book is Nike's “Just Do It”. It's a clean, crisp command that takes no prisoners. Stop any and all excuses and just, for the love of Pete, do it.


I use this slogan with my children, “don't put off your homework – just do it” and I use it with my own personal work, “afraid to send that query out? Tough luck – just do it.”


It's a real kick in the pants to overcome all that holds you back so that you can get on with what it is you need to do.


Shear brilliance.  


A bear's story

I came across this ad, the cornerstone of the campaign for the Nissan Leaf hybrid. It is a riveting piece which conveys the brand message without having to say much at all. It's subtle and complex, making its point through a story rather than a presentation of features or discussion or benefits. It's beautifully produced, emotionally moving, and eminently memorable.

 Absolutely worth a look: Nissan Leaf Polar Bear Commercial


What marketing campaigns have caught your eye recently?

Do you think B2B campaigns can be edgy - and memorable?

Comments: 9


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