Two Non-Traditional Approaches to B2B Registration

Two Non-Traditional Approaches to B2B Registration
Michele Linn - Mon Sep 21, 2009 @ 04:03PM
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Two alternativesLast week, Stephanie recommended marketers collect incremental information during the registration process, asking for more information during each interaction. Along with Stephanie's suggestion, I also want to share two other alternatives.

Option 1: Self-selection

Several weeks ago I was intrigued when I was presented with two options when downloading a white paper:

  • I Want the White Paper and I Want to Talk with Someone
  • I Want the White Paper and I'll Contact You When I'm Ready

I think this is a pretty ingenious way to approach registration (and a shout out to Walt Kania who suggested something similar in the comments to Stephanie's post). I like the idea of prospects self-selecting a follow up phone call as it sets the expectation for the person downloading the piece, and it helps marketing and sales prioritize leads. Additionally, I would venture to guess that more people may be willing to register for the paper if they know they will not get a phone call.

Registration Details
For those curious on the specifics on how this was managed, registration was required for both options, but different fields were required.

For those who want to download the white paper but not be contacted, they needed to complete this info:

  • Company name
  • Title
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

For those who want to talk to someone, a few additional fields were required:

  • Phone
  • Company website
  • Comments (optional)

Both also had an opt-in for the company's newsletter.

Follow Up
I registered as someone who does not want to talk to anyone, and I immediately received an email from the company that thanked me for downloading one of their resources (unfortunately, they didn't mention what the resource was or provide a direct link to it for my easy reference). The email also explained a bit about the company and provided seven links for more info (I'm all for providing a next step, but this is a bit too much in my opinion).

And then, about six weeks later, I received another email from this company with a related offer. I'm not opposed to the second email I received because it was relevant, but if this was the company's intention, I think they should add an option on the download form where a user can select to receive additional emails from the company on related topics.

Option 2: Voluntary registration AFTER the download

I also recently downloaded an eBook that did not require registration. Interestingly enough, AFTER I downloaded the eBook I was offered an option to sign up for this person's newsletter and receive links to this author's other eBooks.

I like this approach, too. It lets the eBook roam free, which will increase its visibility and reach. However, this also provides a way for this person to capture emails so they can continue the conversation.

I'd love your thoughts on the ongoing registration debate. Do you think these two ideas - or the incremental registration suggested by Stephanie -- are effective? Do you have any other alternatives?

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Comments: 67


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