Savvy Week in Review: March 16

Savvy Week in Review: March 16
Savvy Sisters - Fri Mar 16, 2012 @ 08:30AM
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savvyweek2.jpgIt's Friday? Really? No. Seems like we didn't just lose an hour to daylight savings, we may have lost a couple days!

As spring revs her green and growing engines, seems like bloggers are turning up the heat on their keyboards. There was so much good content to choose from this week, it was hard to narrow it down to a few faves. 
We hope you enjoy this selection as much as we did. Lots of stuff to inspire and to file away for future reference. 
Have a GREAT weekend & we'll see you next week!

The Savvy Sister

Has the Technology Market Left its Marketers Behind? by @BrennerMichael via @b2community

Think you've got your hands full trying to identify and reach IT users, influencers, and decision makers? It's only getting more complicated for tech marketers.

Overall Content Marketing Strategy Leads to 2,000% Lift in Blog Traffic, 40% Boost in Revenue featuring @distmarketing via @MarketingSherpa

Check out this case study detailing how a software vendor developed a solid content strategy and reaped the rewards.

Beware the Infographic Bandwagon via @b2community

Before you send an infographic coursing across the Internet, here are four ways to make sure it's the right content for the job.

Lost the Key to Your B2B Database? by @ardath421

Ardath Albee explains why it's risky for B2B marketers to assume all is well and good with their databases.

How to Use Slideshare for Your Content Marketing - by @jorgensundberg via @b2community

Slideshare can be a fantastic tool for content marketers, and in this post, Jorgen Sundberg explains how you can use it.

9 Excellent Examples of Brands Using Facebook's New Page Design by @Corey_bos via @HubSpot

Living in fear of Facebook's Timeline roll out? Check how these big brands are making it work for them.

How to Convert Visitors from Your About Page by @ajkumar via @problogger

The "About" page is one of most visited pages on a website. Make sure yours is pulling its weight with these tips.

6 Indispensable Free & Freemium SEO Tools by @KISSmetrics

Nice overview of some great tools and what they do. Are you measuring and optimizing your SEO?

The Importance of Your Storytelling in Marketing by @amandamaks

We can't say it enough. Story really can make all the difference.

Social Pros 6 - Instagram Lessons from a Giant B2B Company by @jaybaer

If a huge, global shipping company like Maersk can make good use of a visual social network like Instagram, what's stopping you?

And ... just for fun ... TED Talks Are Back via @bryanwillmert. This made me laugh out loud! Every presenter's worst nightmare. 




Comments: 14


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