Savvy Week in Review - October 16

Savvy Week in Review - October 16
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Oct 16, 2009 @ 02:00AM
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Looking for some good reads to close out your week? We've listed a few here that should get you going. Enjoy!

- The Savvy Sisters

Maybe your Creative is Just Not That Into You - by @mirvin1129

Michael Irvin discusses how to have find and have a magical relationship with your freelance creative talent

Creating Consistent Content - A Content Marketing Plan - by @fusionspark via @juntajoe

Russell Sparkman, a guest blogger at Junta42, provides ideas on what type of content you are publish on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis.

Writing Content for the Buyer's Decision Journey - by @ConversationAge

Valeria Maltoni looks at the 4 phases of the customer's "decision journey" and provides points o consider at each stage and examples of companies who are executing it well.

One Big Way to Avoid a Headline Fail - by @copyblogger

Brian Clark explains how to effectively pose a question in a headline.

PeopleMap: A Real Tool for Sales Enablement? - by @lauraramos Laura Ramos of Forrester explains how salespeople can use PeopleMaps, a tool from 7 Degrees, to prioritize which leads to pursue and mine relationships that can make warm introductions to prospective buyers.

Developing Emotional Connections with Customer References - by @bill_lee

Bill Lee of Reference Point offers tips for keeping customer references emotionally engaged.

Please Don’t Stalk Your Customers – by @boingboing

Toyota terrorized a woman with a spoofy, stalker campaign and claimed she opted in via the fine print in a personality survey. That’s bad. Just really bad.

Do Disturb (Meaning - Come Join the Party – TODAY!) – by @scottgould

Our UK friend Scott Gould is hosting a shindig featuring the likes of @thebrandbuilde, @treypennington, and many more. The event will be live streaming later today. Nice Friday activity!

Got Personality? (I Sure Hope So!) – by @rohitbhargava

As part of the Personality Project, this team has compiled insights from 40 stellar women who have used personality to get where they are today.

Survey Finds Small Businesses Adopting Social Media Rapidly – by @ducttape

It’s not just for the big boys anymore.

Tweeters In The Mist (Coming Soon to a “Theatre” Near You) – by @jkranz

Savvy friend Jonathan Kranz directed and produced this little mockumentary featuring @dmscott, @marketingprofs, @4goodmedia, and a few Savvy Sistahs. Enjoy!

How To Promote Good Content – by @outspokenmedia

Lisa Barone provides a solid outline for how to find the right audience and get your content on their radar.

The Fun Theory – by @mashable

Do you have enough fun in your marketing? Do you know how much people like fun? Check out what VW is doing and think about ways even “boring” B2B could have a little fun.

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