Savvy Week in Review - December 18

Savvy Week in Review - December 18
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Dec 18, 2009 @ 02:45AM
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With the end of the year looming, we're already looking ahead to what's in store for 2010. With that in mind, we're super glad that our favorite bloggy reads are still churning out the good stuff.

This week, we've got a wide variety of topics to share with you including everything from multimedia integration to personal identity crisis. We've got a social media scientist and a series of book excerpts - some business, and some all pleasure.

So, take a peek & feel free to call out your own faves in the comments. Like you, we're busy, but there's always time for one more blog post!


The Savvy Sisters



Content: The Dirty Underbelly of B2B Marketing Automation - by @abneedles
Adam Needles of Silverpop explores the challenges with developing content to feed marketing automation systems.

Why B2B Marketing Will Become More Visual, Vocal, and Mobile - by @ckochster
Chris Koch explains why video and interactivity are something B2B marketers need to be thinking about and doing now.

Relationships Aren't Universal - by @ambercadabra
If you say that you are using social media to "build relationships," check out this thoughtful post from Amber Nasland who suggests that we need to define what this really means.

Friday Download: This Week's New B2B Marketing E-Books and Reports - by @diannahuff
Dianna Huff is now featuring new B2B marketing eBooks on her blog each Friday. Great idea!

Nine Kinds of B2B Video - by @dougkessler
Do you want to include video but aren't quite sure what to do? Here are nine ideas from Velocity.

Is Your B2B Marketing Content Reader Friendly? - by @ardath421
Are you designing your content so readers can view it online? Here are some ideas from Ardath Albee to make your content easier for your readers to digest.

What Matters Now: Get the Free eBook - by Seth Godin
Seth Godin developed this new eBook with contributions from 70 "big thinkers." Lots of inspiration.

100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010 - by @juntajoe
Joe Pulizzi asked, "What is your prediction for how brand marketers will create and distribute their own content in 2010?" Read the 100 predictions.

Companies That Set the Market Agenda Win
- by @louisgray
Just a friendly little reminder about one of the basic tenets of smart marketing - he who defines the playing field wins. Good read. Good examples. Good idea.

In the Nick of Time, Fiction & Business Book Excerpts to Help With Last Minute Gift Giving
- @chrisbrogan
I love giving books for the holidays, so I love this fun idea for a pre-holiday eBook: 12 excerpts from great titles - a mix of business and fiction - that I can download and browse for free. The excerpts are longer than what you'd normally see on Amazon, and I'm already intrigued about the first book in the list by Laurell K. Hamilton - LAPD & the fey? I'm on it!

Who Am I? Identity in the Post-Branding Era - by @missrogue
I really enjoy reading Tara Hunt's thoughtful and not always PC posts. This one is no exception. If you're a social media participant wrestling with how to merge your real personality and your online personal brand, this one's got lots of food for thought.

How to Measure Social Media Like a Scientist - @ducttape
I haven't listened to the podcast or read the eBook, but this looked interesting enough to pass along - especially with people like Ev Williams (twitter CEO) saying things like, "@danzarrella just launched some­thing I had drawn on our white­board a cou­ple weeks ago." This guy must have his finger on the pulse.

Comments: 10


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