Savvy Week in Review: January 28th

Savvy Week in Review: January 28th
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Jan 29, 2010 @ 02:57AM
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The post-holiday lull is definitely over in blog-land!

This week, our fave bloggers served up some seriously juicy fare. No cutting corners here! We've got big ideas and deep thoughts. A few of these picks are a bit on the longer side, so make sure you've got a fresh cup of joe before you settle in to enjoy.

TGIF & see you next week!

The Savvy Sisters


The 10 Stages of Social Media Integration in Business - by @briansolis
Be warned, this one is lengthy; but it's worth it. Futurist and sociologist Brian Solis outlines the 10 stages that take a company from the fringe to the leading edge of social media.

Social Media Isn't Enough. We Need a Marketing Transformation - by @ckochster
Chris Koch says, "Marketing departments are going to have to transform themselves into content development engines." What say you? Check out this post for a little back story and a peek at what the future of B2B marketing may hold.

Social Media ROI and Social Media Metrics - by @ckochster
We don't usually include two posts by one author in our weekly wrap-up, but Chris Koch knocked it out of the park twice this week. In this post, he provides some concrete advice on how to measure and build engagement with your customers and prospects on your blog. Good advice here. Listen well!

What's Behind the Rise of Content Marketing - by @abneedles via @ckochster
Adam Needles gives a thorough and compelling overview of the "dynamics that are shaping the direction of content marketing" for B2B. Lots to think about & yet another call to arms for sweeping changes in how B2B marketers approach their task.

The New Competitive Advantage - There's an App for That - by @markwschaefer
Whether you're one person or an enterprise, I'm willing to bet you lose a significant amount of time to researching, installing, and learning new apps that are meant to help you run your business but ultimately end up keeping you from the important stuff. Mark W. Schaefer ponders the importance of "technological adapatation."

Xerox Corporation Social Media Example - by @ignitesma
Great case study of a company that is doing social media well ... and I love the fact that both the company and the people driving the social campaigns are, er, "mature." As the post says, "you don't have to be "young and hip" to be in tune with your customers via social media." Good to know.

The 8 Elements of Contagious Ideas - by @danzarrella via @junta42
Fascinating post. Dan Zarrella -- the social media and viral marketing scientist -- shows marketers how to tap into good ol' human behavior in order to get their content to spread far and wide.

The Focus for Content Marketing is Not Format - by @ardath421
Ardath Albee reminds us to look before we leap, or more specifically, think before we develop content.

Crafting Simple Value Statements - by @aprildunford
How to write a value proposition that matters to your target market.

Blogging Businesses Experience 126% Higher Lead Growth Than Non-Blogging Businesses - via @HubSpot
Are you wondering how useful blogging can be? Not only is it great for increasing your Twitter followers, but it also helps you generate more leads.

20 Metrics to Effectively Track Social Media Campaigns - by @chrisbennett via @sengineland
Tracking social media can be a challenge. Here are 20 tools to make your job easier.

Five Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is Prime for B2Bs - And Five Key Questions B2B Marketers Should Be Asking - by @cksays via @marketingprofs
Christina "CK" Kerley has a great post on why how now is the time for B2B marketers to be thinking about mobile marketing - and she provides 5 questions to consider.

Comments: 25


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