Savvy Week in Review, May 22

Savvy Week in Review, May 22
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri May 22, 2009 @ 12:49AM
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For those of you in the good, ol' US of A - happy almost Memorial Day! As you can tell by the photo accompanying today's wrap-up, the savvy sisters are in holiday mode already. So, grab a fruity, frothy drink of your choice and enjoy a little surfing through what we found on the Web this week.

Have a wonderful, LONG weekend. We'll see you on the other side!

The Savvy Sisters


Competitive Assessment that Works - by @rebelbrown
Comprehensive and insightful post about why an understanding of customer perceptions trumps a "feeds 'n speeds" competitive analysis.

13 Essential Social-Media 'Listening Tools - by @SpringCreekGrp (via @MarketingProfs)
Top tools for listening to and monitoring the online chatter about your brand.

Social Media's Significant Impact on IT Buying - via @btobmagazine
Great insights into recent IDG research that explored how IT buyers use social media in buying decisions.

Bringing the Twitter Conversation into Any Web Page - by @ducttape
Why you should -- and how you can -- republish twitter content on your Web site.

Once Upon a Time in B2B Marketing - by @BIMarcom
Thought-provoking post suggesting three ways to breathe new life into run-of-the-mill B2B marketing content.

Unsubscribes and Content Relevance in B2B Marketing
- by @stevewoods
Reviews four areas where B2B marketers can focus to help us connect with our buying audience.

Are You Optimizing Your Email Marketing for Search?
- by @GalenDY
Tips on how to optimize your emails for SEO if you have post these emails on your website.

ClickInsights: Tips on how B2B marketers should do Content Marketing
- interview by @ambal; experts are @Ardath421, @RebelBrown, @MktgwithMeaning, @PatsiBlogSquad, @SeamusWalsh
Five experts answer the question, "If you could give our readers one tip on how B2B marketers should do content marketing, what would that be?"

Why Coming "Social Commerce" Era Should Terrify Brand Marketers
- by @ignitesma
Ignite Social Media looks at the forecast within Forrester's recent report on social media and sees a world where social commerce devalues brands.

Let's Talk About Tampons
- by @jbernoff
(Video) Josh Bernoff explains how talking about your prospects' problems is much more powerful than talking about your product.

The ROI of Stories- An Informal Case Study - by @chrisbrogan
Using an anecdote about a taxi ride with a very surprising ending, Chris reminds us about the power of stories to connect people - both personally and in the context of business transactions.

Comments: 10


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